Bill Herb

graduated from the University of South Florida in 1973,  where he studied graphics and design. Since then, he has won numerous top awards for his design and craftsmanship in raku.
Bill Hard At Work

"In my years at USF, I learned how to transform a smooth, flat sheet of paper into a representation of depth and dimension."

"Over time, a unique and personal style emerged, employing clay to achieve that vision of a 3-dimensions with flowing structure. The sculpture was born from a quest for surface expression as my compositions of texture and lines led me into a palpable third dimension."

"Later, color emerged as an important factor with the use of clay colorants mixed with the raku clay body. As science is inseparable from art, I documented each experimental formula until I had achieved a broad spectrum of colors. Using these oxided clays, I have gained control of my medium and can now realize all of the dimensions I visualize."

Bill Herb curently exhibits with many fine art galleries and his work is found in many corporate and private art collections. Bill is also a member of the American Craft Council's National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA)

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